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To determine what kind of foundation drainage systems you should install, have a foundation expert evaluate your property. While surface drains can be of great benefit to many Dallas, Fort Worth homeowners, you may want to pick French drains if massive amount of moisture around your foundation are not an issue. Of course, flooding that occurs suddenly due to 4-5"... Read More ->

Many property owners have learned firsthand that plumbing leaks can damage concrete slab foundations. One way how they do this is by allowing moisture to enter the porous concrete and any existing cracks. When soil absorbs water, the weight of the soil can force a foundation upward and lead to structural failure. If upheaval occurs, it's a good idea to obtain... Read More ->

There are several types of house foundations, but the design you see most commonly in Texas is the concrete slab foundation. It's been around for a long time and is the one that over 90% of new homebuilders in the local area use. Unlike pier and beam structures, concrete slabs are poured and rest directly on the ground.... Read More ->

Homeowners often ask why foundation settlement occurs. Whether you own a house that has a concrete slab foundation, or one that was constructed using a different type of foundation, problems such as sinking are common. That's because all types of structures, including helical piers elevated pier and beam foundations, are prone to foundation failure. Crawl space damage is... Read More ->

You'll learn that there are many reason why concrete slab foundations crack. Quite a few property owners in the Dallas, Fort Worth, TX area have discovered that poor construction, soil conditions, excessive moisture, plumbing leaks and improper grading are common causes of foundation cracks in concrete slabs. All of these things can create extensive foundation... Read More ->

Yes, it does. In fact, hot weather is one screwpiles of the main causes of foundation cracks. Summer temperatures have been known to have a very strong affect homeowners in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, especially those who have concrete slab foundations. By having a foundation inspection now, you can prevent cracking Helix Pitch and further deterioration. To learn more, read about... Read More ->

To learn what foundation evaluations cost, you'll need to contact a foundation repair contractor. Most professionals in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano area provide house foundation inspections free or minimal charges apply. You'll discover that repair estimates are generally provided at no cost, too. The best way to find out what any fees will be is... Read More ->

Knowing how to find the best foundation repair company is important. You'll learn that homeowners in the Dallas, Fort Worth and Plano area can spend a considerable time searching for a good contractor that will provide them with a foundation warranty. Whether you have a slab or pier and beam foundation you'll want to study... Read More ->

There are several reasons why foundation piers are used for repairs on all types of foundations. Most professional in the Dallas, Fort Worth, TX area utilize piers as a means of stabilizing foundations because they're strong. This includes concrete piers or pressed steel pilings. These two types of foundation piers are commonly considered to be the... Read More ->

If you see large foundation cracks, you may need to have foundation repair service. When that's required, call contractors at HD Foundations. Experts like us serve the Dallas, Fort Worth, TX metroplex and deal with these issues often. It's important to learn the common causes of foundation cracks before you have repair service. Excessive moisture, expansive clay soils and... Read More ->

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