Kids and Sex Education...what should be the right age to discuss this?

there have been these rascals in the past, and there will be rascal in future.

This sex education in kindergartens, is just another one of the silly fads we can adopt to spoil a child's mind ... there are a few rascals, out there amongstthe millions ... just because, there are flaws in your Social Management Systems ...

What we need in these dire times, is Adult education ...

All, those born, must Procreate ... at elementary school orthe seminaries ... grow up, Naturally.

My great great great great, and their great great Fathersand grandfathers, were never taught sex education ... Naturally. The Truthis ... a generally morbid understanding of the Sex's slot, in Human Social Behavior. their Children ... and helped us ... You don't need be taught whats to be done ... you do it, Naturally.

Nature, does not require Sex Education, or researches like at the Kinsey's, which is an unnecessary understanding of Sexuality ... when you are an adult ... thats what all our great great great fathers and mothers did ... on how to keep a sharp eye, on these deranged ones ..

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