Super Simple Tips To Make Sure Your Maid Of Honor Speech Is One That Is Remembered And Enjoyed


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There couldn't be anything more embarrassing than when your friend asks you to be the maid of honor at her wedding and you have no idea about how to write a good speech. What kind of speech will you prepare? Should it be long, short or funny? There are many different maid ofHonor speeches around, but you want something good, unique, different and probably even a little funny. What you definitely don't want is a speech that people have all heard before or find boring. Writing a goodMaid of Honor speech is much easier than many people think. You definitely do not have to be a poet or a genius to come up with a good speech. Here are a few tips to what to look for in speeches so you can decide how good or bad they really are so you won't embarrass yourself on the big day.

The most obvious thing is that a good speech needs to be thoroughly prepared. If you are writing your own, make sure start as soon as possible, don't leave it until the night before the wedding. We tend to put things off until the last minute, but this is definitely something you want to avoid. Your speech will need to cover many areas and a lot about your friend and her life in only a few minutes. So you'll need to make sure you do your best to get as much in as possible but without taking up too much time. If you are using someone else's speech or your own, check with the bride to see what kind of speech she'd like. Is there anything in the speech that is a little too private? You definitely don't want to spoil or embarrass her on her big day.

Besides being well written, make sure the speech has a little flavour and spice. Do you like sitting through boring speeches? Probably not, so make sure you throw in some jokes or a few funny lines. Always remember that anything funny must be in good taste, as families will be attending on the day and you don't want to shock or surprise any family or friends with a joke they consider rude or over the top. While many maid ofHonor speeches include a poem, the truth is that they aren't necessary if you don't or can't put one in. Poems aren't always necessary, as your speech should be kept short so you may want to just use a short quote or joke instead of a poem.

Writing a good maid of honor speech is simple provided you follow the above steps and your friend will be more than pleasantly surprised when she hears it. Always make sure you start as soon as possible and try to mix up the speech a little. Don't overdo it and make it too funny, but always ask yourself if you think the speech can be improved in anyway. Spend as much time on your speech and always check to make sure there aren't any topics or areas the bride does not want included to avoid her being embarrassed.

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