How personal training studios can become cash guzzlers in a bad economy

Right now, things are getting pretty scary. Many great personal trainers who have done extremely well with their own studio in the past, are now feeling the impact of our economy on their bottom line. Fitness facilities are closing down, and many are having to let go of less-essential staff and services just to get by. Things may change for the better soon, but none of us really know whether it will...and we certainly don't know when. It seems that we're going to struggle along for a while longer, and at some point things may, again, start to look up for those who want to own their own personal training studio. My recommendation for now, is to consider in-home training for the time being, and if you are still wanting to pursue your dream to have your own place, then by all means, go forward with it...but make sure the timing is right.

If you consider and apply, wherever possible what you've learned in this article, you'll make the best decision for you and your business which is to pursue in-home personal training as a viable option for your business due to our present economic conditions, and their impact upon small businesses that rent or lease space and equipment to operate effectively. You'll be able to make better financial decisions and plan more effectively for the eventuality of running your own in-home personal training business. You'll be able to see the need for, and seek out ongoing marketing and advertising training so that you don't end up wasting money on ineffective methods. You'll be able to see why in-home training is far more economical and will yield results in a much shorter time span than opening up a personal training studio.

It was pretty clear to me as I talked to these business owners that there was a sense of desperation that was just not there in the past. Just two years ago, I was chasing them down, trying to sell them on the opportunity of teaching for me at the college-level. I guess they were just too busy servicing their existing clientele to take on another job. Well, have the times changed. Now, they're fit for you literally knocking down my door trying to sell me on the benefits of having them come teach for me. Good position for me to be in, but not for them, I'm sure. The fact that I happen to own my own fitness business which is also being affected by this economy, I am keenly aware of the need to minimize operating expenses during these tough economic times, but for me, there are far fewer expenses to be cut, thus making is easier for me to pay my bills and still be able to provide a great service for my clients. For these folks, they can only Fit For You cut back so much. They must be able to pay the electric and light bills. If they are renting or leasing space, those bills must be paid, and if they are leasing exercise equipment or paying for ongoing outside services such as housekeeping, massage or chiropractic services, they must be continued if the business owner is to be able to provide high value to their clients. In a nutshell, they're in a tough situation. This is what causes businesses to close, never to re-open again. This is why in-home training is so much more desirable right allows the business owner to go out into the community and seek out new business while having little to no overhead. This will permit them more of an opportunity to ride out this recent recession and benefit more readily when things change for the better in our Country.

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